Fattorie Garofalo Mozzarella Bistrot | CC Evry 2

By June 8, 2017 New Opening

8 June 2017 – Fattorie Garofalo, leader in the production of Buffalo Mozzarella cheese with Protected Designation of Origin (PDO), opens its first store in France, in the Evry 2 Shopping Mall, around 30 kms from Paris.

For the first time the renowned Italian brand crosses the national borders, exporting abroad the tradition of the Italian cuisine, famous all over the world for it flavors.

Fattorie Garofalo Mozzarella Bistrot has a wide room inside and a spacious terrace outdoor. The culinary offer can satisfy all palates and needs: from the authentic Italian pizza, to delicious recipes with buffalo mozzarella cheese and buffalo meat, from rich salads, to quick snacks.

The Bistrot is the perfect solution for a frugal lunch during a work break, but also for people willing to enjoy a quiet dinner, or looking for a take away offer.