We have been operating in the retail sector for over 20 years, opening stores throughout Europe, Russia and the Middle East. We collaborate with the main Landlords of Shopping Centers, Airports and Outlet Villages.

Mr. Paolo BrugioniPresident ER

Activity Areas



The strong changes that characterize the distribution market of clothing products require a careful definition of the parameters that characterize each individual location, such as layout, merchandising and in-store communication.

Where we operate

We focus on very high traffic locations in Europe. We work in close contact with both the Brands and the main Landlords.



The accessory sector requires a design style and an accurate way of making it. Merchandising must be able to engage the consumer by giving strong visibility to the product and taking care of the display rhythm. The realization is a careful combination of light, materials and finishes.

Product categories

We work with accessories for men's / women's clothing, footwear, sunglasses and eyeglasses, electronics, travel accessories, home and gift items.

Pharmacy, Beauty & Health Care


The distribution sector for products related to personal care, health and wellness are growing and at the same time they are experiencing a strong and rapid change. This requires us to invest in research in order to be able to assist our clients in a proactive way.

Where we operate

We collaborate with some of the main international brands, with Italian and foreign Retailers, with the industry. We are committed to managing the transformation of important High Street locations and new openings in Shopping Centers in Europe.

Service Retail


The distribution of services is experiencing the third phase of transformation. In fact, online platforms are opening brick and mortar sales points in order to strengthen their presence towards target consumers and to manage the relationship with their customers more effectively. In the process of creating the shops we must take care of all the details that favor the achievement of these objectives.

Aspects to handle

The brick and mortar must be attractive, welcoming, communicative and at the same time the level of investment must guarantee a return on investment in a short time.



The main trends that characterize this sector are attributable to important changes in Consumer Behavior. The attention to health and well-being is growing, which lead to the purchase of healthy products, coming from suitable areas, cultivated and processed with traditional methods. The volume leaves room for quality and service. However, the price remains a delicate variable.

How we operate

We collaborate with various Italian food industries that intend to develop new distribution formats to be managed directly or to be proposed for distribution. We offer our experience in the distribution field in the development phase of the offer intended as product, merchandising, service and operation.

Retail is the paradise

of individuality, eccentricity,

abnormality, and humors.

Store Builder is not only a contractor, it is also a retailer who offers its customers the experience gained in hundreds of projects carried out around the world. The organization is made up of architects, engineers, retailers and project managers able to support customers in the various project phases.

How we can help you

We assist you step by step in the creation of a sales point that hits your goals. We know how a store works and what are the variables that determine its success.

Travel Retail
  • Italian Airports
  • Foreign Airports
  • Railway Stations
  • Customs Areas
  • Hub
High Street
  • We operate throughout Europe
  • Knowledge of athorization processes
  • Management of project practices
  • Investments control
Shopping Centers
  • High traffic locations
  • Italian and foreign sites
  • Study of flows
  • Visibility
  • Logistics
Outlet Village
  • Italian and foreign centres
  • Location and flows
  • Type of consumers
  • KPI
  • Assortment/Merchandising