Food Service

In the last 10 years we have gained in-depth skills in the Food Service sector by opening points of sale throughout Europe. We specialize in small and medium formats for which we design effective formats from the point of view of operations.

Ms. Isabella MelloniAdministrator Store Builder

Activity Areas

Fast Food and Pizzeria

Market trends

The restaurant industry is going through a phase of rapid change. The "traditional restaurant" leaves room for formulas that propose "rapid", "split", "inclusive" consumption. Fast food formats are successful if they correctly combine offer and process.

What we offer

Store Builder has deep knowledge in retail transformation and sales processes. He is the partner with whom to design and implement the project taking care of all aspects, from construction to merchandising.



The point of sale must be created with the aim of giving its customers a "true", credible experience. To do this, it is essential to build it by placing materials, shapes, colors, processes that help to create the desired effect.

How we operate

The Store Builder team collaborates with craftsmen who are able to process materials "as they once were" and procure new, recycled or used raw materials. Operating in an international context, all materials are accompanied by certification.


From production to retail

The food industry uses retail more and more with the aim of reaching the customer directly in order to communicate with him. Retail thus contributes to the strengthening of the brand.

How we operate

Store Builder collaborates in the design of the format and in the realization of the point of sale, helping to combine the needs of the manufacturer and the distributor.

Ice cream and pastry shop


Coffee, ice cream and pastry are three sectors that continue to record significant growth rates. The selection of the location and the development of the layout are two fundamental phases for the creation of a sales point with an ROI in line with the expectations of the financial market.

How we operate

The Store Builder team invests in the research of production, refrigeration and regeneration systems with the aim of offering its customers construction solutions capable of significantly reducing the level of investment in the realization and simplifying the operations of the point of sale.

Retail is the paradise

of individuality, eccentricity,

abnormality, and humors.

Store Builder is not only a contractor, it is also a retailer who offers its customers the experience gained in hundreds of projects carried out all over the world. The organization is made up of architects, engineers, retailers and project managers able to support customers in the various project phases.

How we can help you

We assist you step by step in the creation of a sales point that hits your goals. We know how a store works and what are the variables that determine its success.

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High Street
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Shopping Centers
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Outlet Village
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