World of Venice: the real Venice lands at Marco Polo airport

By July 5, 2018 Uncategorized

For the second time, Store Builder has put its signature on World of Venice, store inaugurated a few days ago in the departure area of the renovated commercial area of the Venice airport.

After the first World of Venice store, opened in 2011, Store Builder was commissioned for the development of all building works, plant engineering works, decorative elements and characterization of the new store.

Main feature of the project is the replication of a Venetian palace and of the typical windows of the city; never as in this case the attention for the traditional aspects has a fundamental element. Consistent efforts have therefore been profused in the search for materials that were as close as possible to reality (such as facing bricks, trifora etc …), at the same time respecting the requirements of low environment impact, as per airport guidelines.

This project represents a success for the whole ER Group, that has carried out the conceptualization and design of the entire store.